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Sweetwater Marine can assist your company with 1 manual or get your company prepared to be ISM / ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 Compliant. Or the current compliance that you need. Sweetwater Marine is able to assist and guide your company in becoming compliant and has the technology to maintain your company program. We are there for all internal / external audits.  




What does ISM Stand for: International Safety Management

What is the ISM Code:

The International Safety Management Code (ISM) is the International Management Code for the Safe operation of Vessels and for Pollution Prevention. ISM Code aims to ensure safety at sea, prevention of human injury or loss of life, and avoidance of damage to the environment, particularly the marine environment, and to property. ISM emphasis is on the essential ingredient of Shipping Management that, every company should develop, implement, and maintain a Safety Management System (SMS).

What does ISM do:

· Ensures your company has a proper Safety and     environment protection policy.

· Provides the company has proper Instruction and   procedure to ensure safe operation of vessels and   protection of the environment in compliance with relevant international and flag state legislation.

· Meets flag state regulation (such as Subchapter M)

· Ensure levels of authority and lines of communication between and amongst shore and shipboard personnel.

· Ensures proper procedures for reporting accidents and      non-conformities.

· Requires proper procedures are in place to prepare for      and respond to emergency situation.

· Requires the company to have procedures for internal        audits and management reviews.


The ISM Code will provide a sound base Safety Management System that may qualify your company to work for the large oil companies and you remain certification on a yearly basis by being audited by a Classification Society.


Safety = Reliability = Profit

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