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What does HSSQE Stand for?

H - Health

S  - Safety

S  - Security

Q - Quality

E  - Environmental

Health, Safety, Security, Quality and Environment Management Systems (HSSQEMS), which provides the foundation to  achieve Zero incidents, Zero injuries and Zero Tolerance in a company.

 How to become ISM, ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 Certified?

  • Do you have Oil Transfer Procedures / Bunker Procedures in place for your company?

  • Do you have a management program in place for your company?

  • Are you in Compliant and ready for an Audit?

  • Do you have the proper forms for your office and vessels?

  • Do you have a Policy & Procedure Manual, VSP, VRP for    your company

  • Is your Office Personnel and Crew Trained properly? for the introduction this new system!!

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